Saturday, 15 November 2014

Ramsey Nouah Explains Why We Doesn't Go To Events With His Wife In An Interview

Why I Don’t Take My Wife To Events – Ramsey Nouah

He is unarguably considered the best and the most handsome actor in Nollywood. Lots of ladies would give up everything to have a nice timeout with Nollywood’s ‘Lover Boy’, Ramsey Nouah. had a one-on-one interview with this cute dude, where he discussed several issues; from politics, his family life, future plans, regrets and lots more. Excerpts;

You are hardly seen in movies except for few, what has been happening to you?
Nothing! I am just making changes, what kind of movies are you talking about anyways?

It seems you are selective of movies, what do you look out for in movies?
Well, yes I am. I look out for good movies, good storylines, the ones I can interpret to my best capability. Good technical also. We are trying to upgrade the industry as best as we can, set up everything that has cinema culture. We want people to come to the cinema and watch movies and not just the ones on VCD, you just watch it once and then it’s all gone. You know, probably a movie that will last like forever; like evergreen movies.

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