Thursday, 24 January 2013

Don Jazzy gives out money again

Read a true life story of how Donjazzy changed the life of a young man TOC
First of all; Introduction, na me be TOC. am an upcoming singer student in Bells University lol. When I left my house for EME album launch party at club deuces couple of months back, I didn't know I was going to meet my break through. We spoke for a bit and he asked me to give him a call so we can continue our discussion some other time. His private number was like a huge asset for me, I crammed it immediately and saved it on my two phones,
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 I kept on calling and sending text messages, so sad no one was picking, no text was replied either. At a stage I lost all hope and continued my Under G striving. 
One blessed day I was about to doze off when my phone started vibrating. I almost ignored the call to get back to whoever when I wake up, looking on my phone screen I saw "don jazzy" you needed to have seen how I sat up at once, the sleep flew away like a bird that escaped from her cage. I booked an appointment and came over to his house.  
What a wonderful mansion? I said as I stepped into his compound. He asked me to play my works, afterwards he complained I sound like Wizkid and Dammykrane which isn't far from what D prince, Dr. Sid and Wande are doing. I pleaded to him to give me just 30 seconds to freestyle there and then in his studio, I guess he saw the zeal and desperateness in me "T.O.C am going to give you an amount of money to work with big producers in the industry" like sarz,samklef and j-sleek, he said, for the past 5 years I haven't been that happy. I didn't know how exactly to start expressing my feelings, should I kneel down? or lie down?. The joy was just too overwhelming I kept on saying thank you sir! I quickly dropped my account number for him. The next morning. I received an alert from Mavin Records! (don't worry about the amount ;) What more can I say? Don jazzy is a blessing man am forever grateful boss! 
Now I have songs produced by Sarz, Samklef, and some other bad ass producers, one of them is due to drop tomorrow produced by samklef.
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  1. That's really a story to look up to, a true inspiration for so many dreamers just like you, congrats you've earned it, keep pushing till you take the industry

  2. Good. Let's pray for the very best of life for you @toc_mdmmg

  3. Congrats Tochy!!! I'm very happy for you! I know you'd make it Soonest! :)

  4. TOC yaw, blowing in a bit

  5. TOC!!!!.....kip it up bro!!....sha rememba us wen u get to d top...hehe...brick city baby!!!!

  6. Itz TOC ehhhhhhhh , egwu don mature mehn ... AS I AM , as u are , as we are , MUSIC DON MATURE oooo ...

  7. Don jazzy tanks for been an instrument for God to be used to bless TOC. God go make u bigger.


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