Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Britney Spears' New Dog Has a Twitter Account, Naturally

Britney Spears had a surprise for her fans early Monday morning when she showed off a new addition to the Spears family, a "new little baby girl." The catch: This new "daughter" is of the non-human variety. Nevertheless, Spears is taking ownership of her dog Hannah too very seriously.

Not only has Britney attached her last name to the adorable pup, but she's also created an independent Twitter feed for the pooch. No longer can Britney complain of a overly busy schedule because she's finding the time to tweet as her dog. Now by simply following @hannahspears, you can track the her dog's important existential musings like, "Should I wear a bow? Mom says I'm a princess & that I need  bow," and, "What should I chase today…squirrel or chipmunk? Arf arf!" (Perhaps weirder than the Brit's fake dog tweets is the fact that the account already has thousands of followers.)

Strangely enough, Britney's canine alter ego is actually pretty normal relative to her peers. Fellow pop star turned singing competition judge Cee Lo Green tweets as his pun-happy cat. Mario Lopez tries to pick up dates for his dog with a separate Twitter account, and Taylor Swift answers the #WhatILoveAboutTaylorSwift hashtag by tweeting as her cat Meredith.

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